Faust Discusses Harvard Investments

President Drew Faust addressed the university’s investment strategies at an open forum on Oct. 22. She said the Harvard Management Company’s, primary goal is “generating the revenue from the endowment that enables us to do everything that we do. That is its sustaining goal and it devotes itself to that, not to using the investments to advance particular agendas of one sort or another.”

She also said increased transparency does not lead to successful investments. According to Faust, Harvard already considers socially responsible investment factors.

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New Leadership Team

Announcing our new 2012-13 Leadership Team!
Coalition Co-Coordinator: Sam Wohns
Coalition Co-Coordinator: Nicole Granath
Treasurer: Krishna Dasaratha
Investments Coordinator: Kevin Wang
Research Coordinator: Gabriel Bayard
Campus Coordinator: Eliza Nguyen
Alumni Coordinator: Justin Jungé
Faculty Coordinator: Rina Kuusipalo
Media Coordinator: Caroline Zhang
Design Coordinator: Camilla Gibson
Leadership Team Member: Sandra Korn
Leadership Team Member: Alexi White
Leadership Team Member: Aryt Alasti
Leadership Team Member: Rachel Cheong
Leadership Team Member: Logan Balliett
Leadership Team Member: Michael Danto
Leadership Team Member: David Garfunkel