Vote Yes for a Social Choice Fund!

The Undergraduate Council presidential election ballot next week also features three ballot referenda, asking the student body its opinion on important issues–including a social choice fund!

To support RI@Harvard and the Fair Harvard Fund, please vote YES  on Question 3 (check out the text below). You can also RSVP on Facebook here.

The creation of a social choice fund option–whose investment guidelines follow environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria for positive social impact–would prioritize investment opportunities which both promote social good and yield high returns.

Since the 1970s Harvard has faced several high-profile protest campaigns related to its investment practices. The management of the University’s $32 billion endowment has furthermore proven to be opaque, additionally undermining trust within our community.

Alumni, faculty, and student donors should be offered the option, when asked to contribute to Harvard’s endowment, of directing their gifts to a fund which takes into account social as well as fiduciary responsibility. A social choice fund would allow Harvard to build an endowment that is better for the University and for the world.


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