Resources on HEI Hotels and Harvard investments

See below for resources on Harvard’s investments in HEI Hotels and Resorts, Emergent Asset Management, and other corporations.

Investment in HEI Hotels and Resorts

  • USAS report on university investment in HEI: Report prepared by United Students against Sweatshops (USAS) about HEI Hotels and Resorts as an unethical investment for university endowments. Has Information about Harvard’s investment in HEI Funds
  • The Harvard Crimson’s editorials decrying Harvard’s investment in HEI: Rethinking Reinvestment and HEI: A First Step.
  • HEI Workers Rising:  Website with information about the national campaign to get universities to stop investing in HEI and information about HEI workers’ fight for fair labor conditions.
 Other investments
  • Oakland Institute Report: Deciphering Emergent’s Investments in Africa: Report by the Oakland institute detailing Emergent Asset Management’s speculative investments in Africa and Harvard’s connection with the company
  • VandyWiki: A wiki page from Vanderbilt University, which has also invested substantially with Emergent, which describes in detail Emergent Asset Management’s activities in Africa and chronicles the ongoing divestment campaign on that campus.
  • Alpha Natural Resources, the company that now owns Massey Energy, operated the West Virginia coal mine whose safety violations caused the deaths of 29 miners last year. Here is a NY Times op-ed about the company not being cited for those safety violations, and an Amy Goodman article on the environmental hazards and public health risks of mountaintop removal mining.

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