NEW Spotlight on Harvard’s Finances

For the first time ever, Harvard University’s and Harvard Management Company’s tax filings are available in searchable form in the “Resources” section of our website.

We’ve just posted Harvard University’s latest tax return (FY 2012, IRS Form 990) there – with highlights below. Find something else noteworthy? Please let us know!

Spotlight on Harvard’s Finances for Tax Year 2011-2012:

  • Confirmed 100% ownership of Agricola Brinzal, a forestry company facing multiple lawsuits filed by the Chilean government for illegal logging and violating forest management plans.
  • Confirmed 100% ownership of Agricola Duramen, LTDA, a forestry company fined by the Chilean government for violating environmental protection laws.
  • Reveals a large Cayman Islands presence, including a 70% stake ($177 million) in Round Table Asset Recovery Master Fund – a Cayman Island-based hedge fund founded in 2007 by Ian Banwell, former CIO for Bank of America.
  • From 2008 to 2009, the endowment plummeted from $35.9 billion to $25.3 billion – a $10.5 billion loss in a single year.
  • Fundraising power: The University receives $200 – $300 million per year in contributions.
  • In addition to HMC, Harvard employs the following tax-exempt investment management groups: Blue Marble Holdings, Demeter Holdings, Phemus, and Shipping Venture Corp.C