Forest Stewardship Council

Many of Harvard’s timber plantations, including EVASA and Las Misiones, have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. But FSC certification does not necessarily mean that timber plantations are sustainable or responsible.

1) FSC Certification in High Value Conservation Grasslands Areas

A coalition of Argentinian civil society organizations published a letter entitled, “Incorporating high conservation value grasslands into the FSC agenda: An important and urgent change in the current global environmental context: The case of the Iberá region in Corrientes, Argentina.” They raise concerns about the applicability of FSC certification in grassland regions like the Iberá, and recommend “suspending” all FSC certification processes inside the Iberá Provincial Reserve.

The letter is available in English here.

2) Amigos de la Tierra letter to Drew Faust

Amigos de la Tierra Argentina sent a letter, cosigned by Friends of the Earth International, the World Rainforest Movement, and GRAIN,  to Harvard President Drew Faust detailing some of the problems of FSC certification for timber plantations in the Ibera wetlands.

This letter is available in English here.

It is also available in Spanish here.



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