Fair Harvard Fund

RI@Harvard successfully staged a campaign for Harvard to establish a social choice fund as an option for alumni donation!

Read updates about the social choice fund and the Fair Harvard Fund campaign here.

Alumni interested in donating to the Capital Campaign in a socially responsible way can now donate to the Social Alternative fund via Harvard’s website.

For more information, see the following pages of our site:

Brief timeline of the Fair Harvard Fund campaign:

  • March 21st, 2012: RI@Harvard launches its first campaign, for a Social Choice fund at Harvard.
  • November, 2012: On the eve of Harvard’s 375th anniversary, 375 donors had withheld donations to Harvard in the Fair Harvard Fund, an escrow fund.
  • December 12, 2012: Harvard declares that it will create a Social Choice fund.  Over 450 donors had put over $10,000 into the Fair Harvard Fund.
  • July, 2013: Harvard’s new Social Alternative fund goes into effect and is invested in Parnassus Equity Income Fund.
  • March, 2014: RI@Harvard officially turns over the Fair Harvard Fund to Harvard.

Below, you can real the initial campaign launch blurb from the Fair Harvard Fund:

The Fair Harvard Fund, officially launched on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012, is RI@Harvard’s first campaign!

Please donate to The Fair Harvard Fund (FHF) to tell the Harvard Management Company (HMC) that you want the option to donate to a Social Choice fund when you make a gift to the endowment.

Your donation will be held in escrow until the HMC accepts the money by creating a Social Choice fund.

Immediately it will be held by Responsible Investment at Harvard at the Cambridge Savings Bank, a locally owned bank in Harvard Square.

If the HMC has not created a Social Choice fund by August 1, 2012, the FHF will be invested according to environmental, social, and governance criteria by the Responsible Endowments Coalition, a 501c3 non-profit organization, until the HMC accepts the money.

You can donate and see how FHF is doing at fairharvardfund.com!


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